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What's it about?

Most of the fitness or exercise programs out there can be too hard for beginners, people who are lacking motivation or for people returning to exercise after a long break. What was missing was a super easy and basic program that was not daunting to do but had small achievable steps that you actually felt like you could do and do well.

This isn’t a weight loss program. This program is to help you set some personal goals, build your confidence, get in a positive headspace to start or restart your movement on a regular basis. Every exercise move in our program is super easy. You shouldn’t watch our videos and think how the F*** do I do that.

There is no exercise equipment and it is all standing – no on the ground stuff (see ya push ups)

We have teamed up with Accredited Exercise Physiologist Zoe Ruth, who helped us design this program. So give our program a crack, go at your pace and work your way to moving again!

What is included

    1. Welcome to the Victoria Stag Movement Program

    2. Positive Mindset Preparation

    3. Introduction movement

    4. Things to keep in mind (considerations)

    5. Control over your movement

    6. Ways to independently manage your sessions

    7. Other tips and tricks

    1. Session Structure

    2. Suggested 10 week program

    1. 2 Up & 2 Back

    2. Arm Rows

    3. Bicep Curl

    4. Calf Raises

    5. Criss Cross Steps

    6. Criss Cross Step with Arms

    7. Fast Walk

    8. Hooks

    9. Jabs

    10. Kicks

    11. Kick with Punches

    12. Kick Backs

    13. Knee Bends

    14. Knee Lifts

    15. Double Knee Lifts

    16. Lateral Arm Raises

    17. Natural Trunk Flexion

    18. Side Steps

    19. Side Step with Arms

    20. Double Side Steps

    21. Double Side Steps with Arms

    22. Slow Walk

    23. Standing Upper Body Rotations

    24. Standing Roll

    25. Standing Chest Openers

    26. Split Stance Standing Calf Stretch

    27. Split Stance Front Hip Stretch

    28. Standing Upper Body Reaches

    29. Side Taps

    30. Body Sideways Moves Standing with Forward Reach

    31. Toe Taps

    32. Double Side Taps

    33. Upper Cuts

    34. Lateral Trunk Flexion

    1. Session 1

    1. Session 2

    1. Session 3

About this course

  • $25.00
  • 56 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Life! Program

Additions service for Victorians in Australia

Funded by the Victorian Government and coordinated by Diabetes Victoria, The Life! Program is a free prevention program that helps eligible participants reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Exercise Physiologist and Life! facilitator, Zoe Ruth, loves supporting participants to achieve their goals along their health journey with the program.  Zoe values the holistic approach of the Life! program, which encompasses mental and physical wellbeing. Being involved in the health industry for 7+ years, Zoe loves bringing her experience to the program.

The Life! program teaches participants about how to improve their healthy eating, increase physical activity, reduce stress, set goals, and manage lapses. The program provides a supportive and accountable environment and has helped over 70,000 Victorians reach their health goals – and you could be next to join them!

The program is delivered over a 12-month period, with a private 1:1 Introductory session with your facilitator. Following, you will attend four group sessions ran across 1-1.5 hours over an 8-week period, followed by a final two group sessions. The program is offered online and face to face. 

The Life! program is free for all eligible Victorians. To find out if you’re eligible simply contact Zoe at info@zobelle.com.au who will walk you through a quick questionnaire to determine your eligibility. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the program further– please reach out!